If you are looking for some entertainment to fill in time at a corporate banquet or a strolling magician in a cocktail environment then look no further than Diego. Diego has performed for many celebrities and Fortune 500 companies in some of the most exclusive venues in the North America.
His comedy approach is far from stuffy without being brash and in your face. He has a very funny attitude to his magic and never forgets the ultimate goal is to be entertaining first with strong magic coming a close second. Here are some of situations that close up magic complements:


  • Between courses of a meal to keep guests entertained while they wait. 
  • Cocktail parties to get the awkward silences away and give your guests a mutual topic of conversation.
  • Wedding entertainment while the Bride & Groom are getting there photographs taken.
  • Staff parties & fun days
  • Corporate Events
  • Casino Nights
  • Car showrooms
  • Product launches


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