The Hypnotic Stage Show is a fun filled show where the volunteers become the stars. Watch as someone "becomes" Michael Jackson, a goldfish, an Alien or lose their belly button! Every show is different because you never know what the volunteers will do!

Diego can also perform a portion of his Comedy Magic Show along with his Hypno-Comedy show for a full evening show that is sure to entertain. At no time is anyone in any danger and all routines are done in good fun. The shows can range from a G rated to R rated, you decide and Diego will deliver!

The average hypnotist Vs Diego

Diego is an entertainer who is an accomplished hypnotist whereas most hypnotists understand hypnosis but not entertainment.

Let me explain. Most hypnotherapists come from a psychology background and are very dry in their approach to the science. Diego on the other hand is a hypnotic entertainer. Already an accomplished magician and entertainer, he studied hypnosis and apprenticed with the best hypnotist on the planet, Sailesh! Shortly after studying under Sailesh and absorbing all he could, Diego became a fully qualified hypnotherapist to understand hypnosis in its entirety, and to be able to help people use the power of their subconscious mind to create new positive habits that will replace bad ones
The combination of entertaining new routines that Diego has devised and old routines that he takes and makes his own make no two shows the same. Laughs, in large amount, are guaranteed!

Using his humor Diego can make the show roller coaster from the realms of the unknown to the down right absurd.  By working with his volunteers rather than against them he finds the laughter in all situations and this in turn allows the volunteers to shine like the stars they really are.

Many people are apprehensive about taking part in a hypnosis show. This is because of unethical and devious characters who have tried to pass themselves off as stage hypnotists but have no professional training or designations. After his shows Diego has had countless people come to speak to him wishing they would have volunteered. The reason most do not participate is fear of being stripped naked or made to kiss or fondle other volunteers during hypnosis.  Diego feels very strongly about making the show as entertaining as possible but it's never at the detriment of his subjects.  As a result of this he has had many people come back to his shows time and time again both to take part  and to simply watch and enjoy the show again. You can rest assured that Diego’s performances will always be in the best possible taste and appropriate to the age and attitude of his audience. 

Custom Presentations
Most clients that cater for the general public find Diego’s show a blast. However private companies who would like a tailor made show with company buzz words and company relevant topics are also catered to, please email Diego and advise him of your needs. He will be more then happy to write an individual show on your behalf.  

Frequently asked questions:

Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?
Yes, with the exception of three basic types of people (drunks, clinical imbeciles, and someone who just wants to play games) everyone can be hypnotized. Not everyone will be hypnotized during a stage show, only those who volunteer and choose to do so.
Is Hypnosis really "sleep"?
No, hypnosis is a state of relaxation where the critical aspect of the brain is bypassed and a person becomes "hyper-suggestive". If it were sleep, then the subjects would not be able to hear the voice of the hypnotist which is, of course, necessary for a hypnosis show.

How long is the hypnosis show?
Shows can range anywhere from 60 to 120 minutes long depending on the size of the audience and quality of participants. Unlike a magic act, play or music group - none of this show can be precisely planned. With the various volunteers it's more difficult to set an exact time. If there are time restrictions, please let us know and we will stay within those restrictions. However, the typical show is about 75 minutes for a corporate group and 90 minutes on a college campus.

Why is a Hypnosis show more popular than other types of entertainment?
The main reason hypnosis shows are so popular is because the audience is the star of the show. It's a lot of fun watching someone you know experience such a strange phenomenon. Another unique thing about a hypnosis show is that you can have it back more than once a year because the show is different each and every time! People return time after time to see the show again.

Can I be made to do anything I do not want to do?
No, you cannot be made to do something, while under hypnosis that is against your own morals and/or ethics.

 What kind of event is Hypnosis good for?
Anything, Hypnosis is a great show for everything from After-Proms, to Corporate Events, and even late night Adult night Clubs. The show can be a tame or wild as you want and it’s never ever the same show twice!



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